MBA Program Curriculum
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Academic Calendar

The MBA Program in International Business Strategy consists of two programs: the One-year Program and the Two-year Program. Students in both programs follow the same academic calendar in their first year. The academic year is divided into four terms. There is a break of at least one week between each term. There are no required courses during these breaks, but there may be elective courses and other elective academic activities.

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

The following MBA calendar for the first year may be subject to change.

Foundation Week

Around Sep 10Arrival in Japan (YLP/International students)
Around Sep 10Foreign registration & administrative matters (YLP/International students)
Sep 19-20Team-building exercise at Takao (Required)
Sep 22-25Foundation Course (Required, intensive course)

TERM 1 (Fall): Sep 27 - Dec 22

Dec 18-22Term 1 Final Examinations
Dec 23- Jan 7Winter Break

TERM 2 (Winter): Jan 8 - Feb 23

Feb 12-23Global Network Project (Required, Immersion Module)
Feb 26 - Mar 23Spring Break / Global Network Week, elective

TERM 3 (Spring): Apr 2 - Jun 1

Apr 18-19Term 3 Final Examinations
Apr 23-27Term 3 Intensive (Required)
Apr 28 - May 6Term Break
May 23-24Term 3 Final Exams
May 25- Jun 1Strategy Simulation Week (Required, intensive course)

TERM 4 (Summer): Jun 11 - Jul 27

Jul 23-27Term 4 Final Examinations
Jul 31- Aug 25Summer Break
Aug 8-23Doing Business in Asia (Elective, intensive course)
Aug 25Commencement