MBA Program Curriculum
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Earning an MBA at Hitotsubashi ICS means living in and experiencing Tokyo, Japan, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Within this vast metropolis is our intentionally small but very diverse campus community where we thrive on breaking with everyday norms. Being a student at Hitotsubashi ICS is not just about academics. Good research can take many forms and our students and faculty continue to work hard at being valuable citizens to their local business communities as well as to the global community, and to lead by example on pursuing a new take on the old. We create confident leaders who, through fusion of ideas, can bridge the diversity gap and create business success.

The traditional image of an MBA is tied up in finance, marketing, strategy, accounting and such. What we're seeing increasingly, however, are companies saying that while these things are necessary, they are not enough. An MBA should hone the type of leader who can take the initiative and motivate people from wide-ranging backgrounds and countries. Hitotsubashi ICS provides that environment with a very diverse student body, and with our “Best of Two Worlds" philosophy. Our students do learn about the Michael Porter-style of strategy, but they also read about Zen Buddhism as part of their curriculum. Japanese companies are fundamentally different from companies anywhere else in the world; they're changing but not towards becoming like American companies. At Hitotsubashi ICS, students take courses about Japan, taught by faculty who are leading business gurus in Japan as well as globally renowned teachers, scholars, and practitioners. By virtue of its diverse student base, and the study of both Eastern and Western management philosophies, Hitotsubashi ICS not only imparts the intellectual tools needed for successful business management but also helps students develop the necessary skills to be global leaders in the new economy.