Books and book chapters


Knowledge Creation and Management: New Challengers for Managers

Author: Ichijo, K., Nonaka, I.
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Strategic Management of Knowledge-based Competences: Sharp Corporation. Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka (eds.), Japan, Moving toward a More Advanced Knowledge Economy, Vol. 2: Advanced Knowledge-Creating Company, Wa, DC: The International Bank for R

Author: Ichijo, K.
Publisher: World Bank

Invisible Dimensions of Differentiation: Japanese Electronics Companies. in Hirotaka Takeuchi and Tsutomu Shibata (eds.) Japan Moving toward a More Advanced Knowledge Economy(Vol. 2). World Bank Institute, 2006

Author: Kusunoki, K.
Publisher: World Bank

Learning and Self-Renewing, Network Organization: Toyota and Lexus Dealers

Author: Osono, E.
Publisher: World Bank