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Markets under the spell of monetary easing. BIS Quarterly Review, June 2013 pp.1-11

Author: Schrimpf, A., Hattori M., von Peter, G, subelyte, A, Sobrun, J.
Year: 2013

From Information to Knowledge to Wisdom: My Journey. Kindai Management Review 2013 Vol. 1

Author: Nonaka, I.
Year: 2013

Educational Credentialism and Elite Formation in Japan: A Long-term Perspective Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series ; No. 297

Author: Kawaguchi, D., Ono, H.
Year: 2013

Tail-risk perceptions around unconventional monetary policy announcements. BIS Quarterly Review March 2013 pp.4-5

Author: Hattori, M., schrimpf, A., Sushko, V.
Year: 2013

Markets grow confident on continued support. BIS Quarterly Review March 2013 pp.1-13

Author: Httori, M., von Peter, G, Subelyte, A.
Year: 2013

Who will be the Winner in the Contents Industry?: Focusing on the Case of Time Warner. Business Case Series, 2013 Volume 34, Seoul National University Press, Seoul Korea.

Author: Park, N.K., Lee, J., Choi, K.
Year: 2013