Presentations at well-recognized academic conferences


Mood, nudge and willingness to work. Japanese Economic Association, Autumn Meeting 2018.

Author: Yamamoto, S., Quoiach, J., Navarro-Martinez, D., Akutsu, S.
Year: 2018

Bicultural identity orientation of college students in the US and Japan, International Communication Association (ICA) Conference 2018.

Author: Yamaguchi, A., Kim, M.S., Oshio, A., Akutsu, S.
Year: 2018

Because I'm Afraid to Be Punished. I Don't Give: The Role of Relational Mobility and Fear in Charitable Behavior. The 4th International Conference on Asian Marketing Associations, Bangkok, Thailand, April 20-22,2018

Author: Suzuki, S., Akutsu, S., Fujikawa, Y.
Year: 2018