Presentations at well-recognized academic conferences


"Covid-19 and telework: An international comparison" Demographic Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Consequences, Wittgenstein Centre Conference December 1, 2020

Author: Ono, H., Mori, T.
Year: 2020

Does Knowledge Transfer Influence Host Country Local's Turnover?: In the Context of a Korean MNC. SMS Virtual Conference, October 29, 2020

Author: Jin Suk Park, Jaeyoon Chang, Taehun Lee
Year: 2020

Lifetime Advantage at the Top? The Norm of Lifetime Employment and CEO Succession in Japan, 13th Annual People and Organizations Conference, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Online), October 2-3. 2020

Author: Jung, J., Mun, E., Ono, H.
Year: 2020

Taylor rule yield curve, European Economic Association Annual Congress 2020 Online, August 25, 2020

Author: Hattori, M., Mineyama, T., Nakajima, J.
Year: 2020

The Effects of Diversity on New Product Creativity, 27th Innovation and Product Development Conference (IPDMC) , Online, June 7-9, 2020

Author: Suzuki, S., Takemura, K.
Year: 2020

Welfare States and the Redistribution of Happiness. Presented at Deutsche Institute of J apan, DIJ Forum

Author: Ono, H., Lee, K.S
Year: 2020