How to apply

Before you begin

At Hitotsubashi ICS, we consider the mix of participants in each cohort carefully to reflect the diversity of today’s global business environment, and range of expertise offered by different industry backgrounds and nationalities. We keep our cohorts comparably small to accommodate this diversity of knowledge and experience, while meeting our objective of fostering supportive relationships through learning.

To qualify for consideration, you must have completed

  • At least 16 years of education. For specifics, see “Applicant Qualifications” in the Hitotsubashi ICS EMBA Application Package
  • A bachelor’s degree with sound academic record
  • Full-time post-graduate work experience of 10-15 years or longer (may include the time period up to EMBA program entrance in September)

Key admissions criteria include:

Currently a middle manager or higher with the following experience and competencies:
  • Managing on an on-going basis at least five direct reports.
  • Expected to rise to a director- or executive-level position (“senior management”) within 10-15 years.
  • Formulating and executing business plans at the departmental or sub-departmental level in conformance with the company's strategies and policies.
  • Involved in goal setting and departmental- or sub-departmental-level decision-making.
  • Ability to understand and critically analyze various types of financial and business reports with a high level of financial fluency.
  • Strong command of English

Admissions schedule

More details to come soon

Applications must be submitted via the Hitotsubashi ICS Online Application System.
An application is considered officially received only when the applicant has pressed the system's "submit" button by 23:59 JST on the last day of the application period for either Round 1 or Round 2.
We encourage you to submit your online application as early as possible during the application period.

APPLICATION PROCESS for each application round

STEP 1 Application Online only, with payment of the application fee of JPY 30,000 during application period.
We will not review applications received via post or email.
STEP 2 Case interview Shortlisted applicants are invited to attend a case interview which will be held at the Hitotsubashi ICS Campus in Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo or by video/telephone.
Held entirely in English, the interview employs standard interview and case interview. Participants are provided with a short business case to discuss with the interviewing panel.
Shortlisted applicants will receive a copy of the case one week in advance of their interviews.
STEP 3 Decision 2-3 weeks after interviews
By email and post
STEP 4 Enrollment Payment of the matriculation fee is required for enrollment to become official.


  • See the Hitotsubashi ICS EMBA Application Package 2021-2022 for more detailed information.
  • Submit all application documents in English. If your original documents or certificates are written in other languages, please attach a certified English translation.
  • We will consider only complete applications. If your application is incomplete upon the application deadline, it will not be considered.
Application Form A Your personal details
Degree certificates and official transcripts Submit a certificate AND transcript for all earned degrees, including any earned master's and doctoral degrees. Certificates and transcripts must be issued by the registrar of the university or college.
Answer Form B Essays
Form C1
Company-sponsored applicants only
A sponsoring letter from a senior executive of the organization for which the applicant is working on a full-time basis. The Hitotsubashi ICS Online Application System will send the form to the senior executive directly after online registration has been completed.
Form C2
Self-sponsored applicants only
A reference letter from a senior executive of the organization for which the applicant is working on a full-time basis. The Hitotsubashi ICS Online Application System will send the form to the applicant’s recommender directly after online registration has been completed.
Proof of paid application fee A non-refundable application fee of JPY 30,000 is payable during the application period, via credit card or bank transfer. We strongly recommend payment via credit card; however, if a bank transfer is necessary, please contact <>.
Copy of passport A photocopy of the details page(s) of your passport, including your name, photo, passport number, date of birth and dates of issuance/expiry.
Official TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS score report

Please submit the following report in accordance with the English test chosen:

TOEIC : Official Score Certificate
TOEFL : Test Taker Score Report or Examinee Score Report
IELTS : Test Report Form

Official GMAT
Please submit the "Test Taker Copy"


Applicants who have disabilities or special needs that require accommodating in the application process and/or once they start their program at Hitotsubashi ICS should notify the Hitotsubashi ICS Admissions Office by email to <> two months prior to the starting date of an application period. (If you do not know the application period, please contact us as well. Although the Hitotsubashi ICS Admissions Office will accept such notifications after this date, it may not be able to make arrangements necessary to accommodate disabilities/special needs in time for the screening and/or the program starting date.) Requesting such type of accommodation in the application process does not obligate you to apply to Hitotsubashi ICS. Even if you are undecided about whether or not to apply to Hitotsubashi ICS, you may still make such requests.
NB: Depending on the nature of the accommodation requested, it may take some time for the Hitotsubashi ICS Admissions Office to respond.