Kazu Saka quoted on Nikkei Web Column

Jan 14, 2014

Kazu small.jpgKazu Saka, Hitotsubashi ICS 2nd-year student of class of 2012, was asked by Nikkei Web for his opinion on the topic "Becoming a leader who is able to compete out in the world":

I believe that in order to become a leader who is able to compete out in the world, we need to take the initiative and put ourselves in uncomfortable environments by going abroad at an early stage in our lives. Japan's current living environment is extremely comfortable. In Japan today, a person can get the best elementary school education in the world and enjoy shopping at supermarkets that offer the world's most meticulous services.

Anyone would be reluctant to leave such a comfortable living environment. However, people do not realize how lucky they are, living under such comfortable conditions. The only way to find out is to experience an uncomfortable situation firsthand by going abroad to work or study.

I studied abroad, and during that time I had many "uncomfortable" experiences. Of course, the difficulties that go along with speaking a foreign language were to be expected. More uncomfortable, though, were the situations in which Japanese "common sense" did not apply. However, thanks to these tough experiences, I could acquire wisdom and develop the resilience necessary for surviving under harsh conditions outside of Japan. I plan to continue putting myself in uncomfortable environments in order to improve my ability to survive in the world.

Please find here the whole article in Japanese.