Prof. Nonaka's and Prof. Hirose's new article published

Feb 5, 2014


An article co-authored by Professor Emeritus Ikujiro Nonaka, Adjunct Assistant Professor Ayano Hirose and U. S. Navy Reserve Officer Victor Stone (Yoshihide Ishii, DBA Candidate) appeared in the 2013 Winter issue of the "Hitotsubashi Business Review," published by Toyo Keizai, Inc (in Japanese).
The article is entitled: "Management by Knowledge Maneuverability: Synthesizing Knowledge Creation and Maneuver Warfare".

An abstract of this article appears below

Companies in the unpredictable modern society need to have maneuverability that enables grasping the changes in the business environment and making responses proactively to such changes. Companies must also have organizational capability that enables nurturing and utilizing a workforce of talented individuals possessing such maneuverability. The U.S .Marine Corps is an extreme example of the organizations with maneuverability and organizational capability.

Maneuver warfare, which synthesizes science and art, is the source of strength of the Marine Corps. Maneuver warfare is thus relevant to knowledge creation theory, in that it demonstrates how management is strengthened through the relentless pursuit of practical wisdom.

In this article, authors discuss what it means for corporate management to have maneuverability, and how it is achieved. Authors also present how Japanese companies can be revitalized and should exist in the future.