Guest Speaker: Osamu Takenaka, Project Director of the Tokai 'Knowledge Cluster Initiative'

Apr 4, 2014

Takenaka pic1 small.jpg

Osamu Takenaka gave a talk to students of Professor Emi Osono's 'Competitiveness and Clusters' course on February 18. Mr Takenaka is one of the leaders of the Tokai region's 'Knowledge Cluster Initiative', a national government project that links nanotechnology companies in the Aichi and Nagoya area, with the aim of sharing best practice and creating a hub for internationally-competitive technological innovation.

Mr Takenaka explained how clusters work and what he and his team hoped to achieve in Nagoya. He was appointed as a leader of the Knowledge Cluster initiative at the Aichi Science & Technology Foundation in 2002, having spent 27 years as a manufacturing engineer at Denso, a leading automobile component company. From 2009 to 2013, Mr Takenaka was Director of Technology Transfer at the Plasma Center for Industrial Applications, run by the Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation.