Hitotsubashi ICS joins the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program

May 9, 2014

campus_img_140512.jpgHitotsubashi ICS is to increase the number of scholarships it awards to students, after signing an agreement on April 7 with the Bai Xian Education Foundation and the Bai Xian Asia Institute.

Bai Xian Education Foundation ("BXEF") is a private family foundation established by Mr. Ronald K. Y. Chao for charitable purposes in Hong Kong. BXEF will fund the operations of "Bai Xian Asia Institute ("BXAI"), an independent academic organization incorporated in Hong Kong, which oversees the delivery of the "Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program".

The "Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program" will provide bursaries lasting for one or two years to high-caliber students from across Asia, with a particular focus on those pursuing double degrees at Hitotsubashi ICS and a partner university. The annual budget is US$25,000 per individual, up to a maximum of ten students.

Recipients of the scholarship will participate in an 'Enrichment Program' throughout the year, and also in a four-week-long 'Summer Enrichment Program' in China or Japan. Upon obtaining an MBA degree and successfully fulfilling the obligations, scholarship students will be awarded the title of 'Bai Xian Asian Scholar'.

This funding will significantly increase the number of scholarships offered by Hitotsubashi ICS, on average from 45 per cent to 65 per cent of all students, which is likely to benefit the reputation of ICS as an attractive place to pursue an MBA.

"The future of Asia belongs to the next generation", said Tung Chee Hwa, the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong and Vice Chairman of the Twelfth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. "The Asian Future Leadership Program presents our young elite with the opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of each other through cross-cultural exchanges, in the hope of nurturing and energizing new forces for peace and stability in Asia."