Guest Speaker: Yasushi Shingai, Japan Tobacco

May 28, 2014

IMG_5944s.jpgYasushi Shingai, the executive deputy president of Japan Tobacco, was a guest speaker in Professor Tomonori Ito's Applied Corporate Finance class on May 9.

The students and Professor Ito had a one-hour discussion on topics such as the £9.73 billion acquisition of Gallaher, the Belfast-based tobacco company, in December 2006. They also discussed the success of the post-merger integration of Gallaher, based on the case "Japan Tobacco: Domestic Giant Going Global (B) (ICS-111-019-E)", written by Professor Ito.

Following this, Mr Shingai had a one-hour discussion and Q&A session with the students on how the purchase price of Gallaher was determined, some difficulties of the Gallaher acquisition and general tips on how to succeed in M&A. Mr Shingai was the executive vice president of Japan Tobacco International in Geneva at the time of the Gallaher acquisition, so he was able to share many instructive personal insights into the deal with the students.