Guest Speaker: Katsuyuki Inoue, Vice President, Strategy Planning Division, Kumon

Jun 13, 2014


On May 16, students in Professor Yoshi Fujikawa's Service Management class discussed the Kumon educational method and its successful business strategy. Katsuyuki Inoue, vice president of the corporate strategy planning and development department at the Kumon Institute of Education, joined the class as a guest speaker, and shared with the students Kumon's strategy in India, Japan, and around the world, using the Hitotsubashi ICS case, 'Kumon India: extending the mission-driven service globalisation strategy'.

The Kumon method that began from a father's love for his child is now available in 48 countries and regions with 4.26 million subject enrolments (as of June 2013). The Kumon method has remained consistent for over 50 years and has been accepted in many countries despite differences in lifestyle, educational systems and culture.