Doing Business in Asia 2014 Report

Oct 1, 2014


The inaugural Doing Business in Asia (DBiA) program offered jointly with our BEST Alliance partners, Peking University Guanghua School of Management and Seoul National University Graduate School of Business, successfully completed on August 29 in Seoul. The Tokyo module was held from August 18-22 to rave reviews. Some of the Tokyo highlights included:

  • visiting JETRO
  • learning about Roppongi Hills in Tokyo Mid-town
  • coffee tasting at the headquarters of Starbucks Japan
  • a meeting with Ryohin Keikaku Co. Chairman Tadamitsu Matsui
  • observing MUJI's flagship store in Yurakucho
  • a field trip to Nagano. Visiting KOA Corporation, Ina Food Industry and Yomeishu

The DBiA offers participating students from the three top business schools in the region the opportunity to live, learn and socialize for three weeks in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. During this time the students are exposed to business practices of international companies originating from, and foreign businesses operating in, these countries through case studies and field trips. They will also inevitably have the opportunity to collaborate in culturally diverse teams on course projects.

Prof. Michael Korver of Hitotsubashi ICS leads the DBiA program. In addition, for the recent DBiA course several Hitotsubashi ICS faculty members facilitated various sessions during the Tokyo module, including professors Tish Robinson, Jesper Edman, Hiroshi Kanno, Hiroshi Ono, Yoshinori Fujikawa, and Dean Kazuo Ichijo.