Postdoctoral Researcher, Miikka J. Lehtonen's book ICS "The Playing Finn" has been published

Nov 5, 2014

s-The Playing Finn.jpg

Miikka J. Lehtonen is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Hitotsubashi ICS. Mikka recieved his D.Sc. from Aalto University School of Business and his B.Soc.Sc from University of Turku. Prior to this book, he has edited three books about Japan, and has work experiences from Finland, Denmark, the US, and Japan.

The book presents cases from the Finnish game and music industry; how a small Nordic nation has managed to build successful stories on the highly competitive US and Japanese markets. The illustrative examples and compelling case studies shed light on ecosystems, business models, networking, as well as different export adventures - ranging from nascent startups to global superstars.

The stories are written by a group of researchers and journalists with extensive knowledge of the creative industries. Insights and stories are based on interviews, up-to-date statistics, cartographic data, and personal experiences. This book is the first in the world to shed light on the Finnish music and game industry in English, and it offers a unique vantage point that goes beyond Sibelius and Angry Birds. Most importantly, it reveals the importance of collective success: whether it is about leveraging Finnish game design competences or building a peculiar Finnish brand by exporting music, the Finnish success stories are built on well-founded and open collaboration with a 'no one is left behind' mentality.

The book is relevant reading for everyone interested in finding out how players from a small Nordic country have managed to find their niches and build success within the highly competitive fields of mobile gaming and music.