Dean's Message regarding Diversity and Inclusion

Jun 15, 2020

Dear Hitotsubashi ICS Community

Ever since its founding in 2000, Hitotsubashi ICS has subscribed to diversity and inclusion as core school values.Current events have motivated us to reaffirm these and all of our professional values and reminded us of the role we, as a leading business school, need to be playing in our society.

Hitotsubashi ICS is committed to upholding the universal values of diversity and inclusion and rejects any form of racism or discrimination. The increasing diversity (in terms of country/region, career background and gender) of our class cohorts as well as the diverse nature of the international networks of which we are a member are ways in which these values that underpin our research and teaching are evidenced. Hitotsubashi ICS believes strongly that it has a vital role in helping its students understand the importance - and mutual benefit - of respecting diverse perspectives.

Faculty and staff at Hitotsubashi ICS will continue to play their part in helping the world - starting with the world of business - to become more diverse and inclusive. At the same time, to reduce discrimination in our teams, our organizations and ultimately in our world, we all need to keep working harder to identify and overcome our own prejudices

kazsenseis signiture

Kaz Ichijo


School of International Corporate Strategy

Hitotsubashi University Business School