Becoming an Effective Leader in a Time of Change

Course Overview

For leaders to adapt to new realities in a time of rapid change, they need to evolve continuously by acquiring new perspectives, skills and mindset.At the same time, there is no single right model for leadership.

“During the past 50 years, leadership scholars have conducted more than 1,000 studies in an attempt to determine the definitive styles, characteristics, or personality traits of great leaders. None of these studies has produced a clear profile of the ideal leader.” (George, Sims et al 2007)

You need to develop your own leadership model, based on your personal history, motives and aspirations. Your leadership needs to be authentic!

The primary focus of this course will be providing various sources of inspiration for you to reflect on your own traits, motives, and leadership development goals, as opposed to “teaching” leadership theories and techniques to you.

Course Structure

The course consists of 6 sessions: an introductory session, 4 sessions with guest speakers, and a wrap-up session. In Session 1, we will review key leadership theories and discuss key challenges facing today’s corporate leaders.

In Sessions 2-5, we will deep dive into key changes such as globalization, technology revolution, and creative economy, with guest speakers who are pioneers on respective topics. In Session 6, you will set your own leadership goals based on your experience and the learnings from the course.