Career Services Office offers a unique blend of career-related education and skill-building, with customized support for a student’s job search.

  • Haruka KI Naoko KasaiDirector

    Naoko Kasai, a graduate of Lancaster University Management School (Masters in Organisational Learning), is a qualified industrial counselor and career-consultant. After 15 years working for three investment banks (Barclays, JP Morgan, Macquarie), mainly as an IR professional, Naoko switched to the field of higher education. She started working as a designated mentor for the MEXT-sponsored special program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. She then became a higher education career advisor and has accumulated more than 3,000 consultations with both Japanese and international students. In addition to her role as ICS CSO Director, Naoko is a part-time lecturer for Career Development Literacy at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • Haruka KI Haruna ShiratoriOfficer

    Haruna Shiratori, a graduate of George Washington University (BA in International Affairs) is a qualified career-consultant. She entered the field of international education at Hitotsubashi University in 2016. Prior to joining ICS, she worked at trading companies and active sportswear company as an international marketing and sales, global operations, and product development professional in the US and Japan.