Financing your MBA

Student life in Hitotsubashi ICS | finanicing your MBA

All students accepted to Hitotsubashi ICS enjoy a form of financial aid via our low matriculation and tuition fees, thanks to Hitotsubashi’s status as a public, national institution.

Tuition and Matriculation fee

Matriculation fee JPY 282,000
Annual tuition JPY 642,960

The above tuition fee is a preliminary estimate. Should the actual amount become subject to revision at the time of admissions or during enrollment, the new revised amount shall be applied, and go into effect from the time of revision.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Granting of these scholarships and financial aid is merit-based, taking into consideration criteria such as academic merit, nationality, leadership abilities and experience living in Japan. Recipients also need to be self-financed and not a recipient of other scholarships. In addition, recipients tend to have outstanding GMAT/GRE scores. In the Class of 2021, the average GMAT score for the whole class is 653, whereas the GMAT median score of scholarship recipients is 695.

Scholarships options

*Additional financial aid is available on a limited basis, and amounts vary from year to year.

Type Young Leaders' Program (YLP) Regular Admissions
MEXT Bai Xian
Duration 1 year 1 or 2 year
Matriculation fee JPY 282,000 JPY 282,000 -
Tuition JPY 642,960 JPY 642,960 -
Allowance or Grant JPY 242,000/mo. JPY 147,000/mo. USD 25,000
  • Young Leaders' Program (YLP)

    Hitotsubashi ICS is the only institution in Japan where recipients of the prestigious and competitive YLP scholarships are eligible to study business management. This scholarship is for entrepreneurs, business managers, public officials and so on, who are expected to play active roles as future national leaders in their respective countries. Currently, citizens of Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, P. R. China, Rep. of Korea, Rep. of Turkey, Romania, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam (18 countries) are eligible to apply for a YLP scholarship at Hitotsubashi ICS.

    YLP scholarship recipients at Hitotsubashi ICS come mainly from the business world. Unlike YLP students at other graduate programs, at Hitotsubashi ICS they are integrated with all other MBA students and must meet all the same graduation requirements to earn an MBA.

    To be considered for Hitotsubashi ICS's MBA program, YLP applicants must:

    1. Be nationals of a country participating in the YLP
    2. Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience and be under 40 years of age as of September 1 of the entering year
    3. Be college graduates who have achieved excellent results
    4. Have good command of English (Submission of TOEFL/IELTS score is optional but applicants should have English ability of a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 100, TOEFL PBT score of 600, TOEFL CBT score of 250, IELTS Academic score of 7.0 or equivalent)
    5. Have general aptitude for business studies (Although not strictly required, submission of GMAT/GRE score is highly desirable; GMAT score of 600 or above, or GRE score of 160 or above on Quantitative Reasoning and 150 or above on Verbal Reasoning is expected.)
  • MEXT Scholarship

    Hitotsubashi ICS selects and recommends from among all successful applicants a certain number to receive a MEXT scholarship. MEXT scholars receive JPY147,000- per month in addition to both their tuition fee and travel cost.

    *Note that we do not accept embassy-recommended MEXT scholars as a regular MBA student. We only accept embassy-recommended MEXT scholars who are already studying at other schools as a non-degree seeking student.

    *This scholarship grants only to the successful candidates of Round 1.

  • Bai Xian (The Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program)

    Administered by the Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) encourages students and educational institutions to cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual trust and understanding, building bridges across cultures. The AFLSP grants scholarships of up to US$25,000 (per scholar) to high-calibre Asian students who wish to study away from their home country or region at one of BXAI’s Partner Universities.

    Both incoming first and second year students at Hitotsubashi ICS are eligible for the scholarship. Nominations are made based on merit by the Admissions Committee of Hitotsubashi ICS and are submitted to BXAI just after the admissions decision.
    Scholarship recipients must:

    1. Be a national of an Asian country or region
    2. Have high proficiency in English
    3. Possess strong personal integrity, propensity for international and intercultural understanding, compassion and willingness to serve and demonstrate his/her alignment with BXAI’s mission and vision

    Once selected, all scholarship recipients must:

    1. Remain enrolled at Hitotsubashi ICS as a full-time student for the duration of participation in the AFLSP
    2. Fulfill the GPA requirement as stipulated by Hitotsubashi ICS and BXAI
    3. Participate in the BXAI Summer Program, which spans up to three weeks, in the first summer after enrollment in the AFLSP
    4. Participate in other mandatory AFLSP programs/activities as stipulated by BXAI
    5. Complete at least three of the four enrichment courses at Hitotsubashi ICS:
      (Knowledge Management, Japanese Business and Economy I, Japanese Culture, and Global Citizenship)
    6. Undertake an Independent Research project on the relationship between Japan and China

How to apply for the scholarships

Scholarships are determined by the Admissions Committee shortly after admissions decisions have been announced. All students seeking a scholarship (except in the YLP) should go through the standard Hitotsubashi ICS application process. When applying, select "Yes" for the question, "Applying for scholarship?". Awarding of scholarships is determined by application documentation and interview performance (after the 1st screening) and made on a comparative base among all applicants.
YLP scholarship applicants must apply through the YLP applications process, NOT the Hitotsubashi ICS application process. Please contact the Japanese Embassy of your country of citizenship for details about the application procedure. The application criteria and schedule varies from country to country.

Other types of financial aid

  • Scholarships/ Financial aid Hitotsubashi University introduce
    There are some scholarships that students can apply for after they have enrolled in Hitotsubashi ICS. Please note that recipients need good Japanese language skills for the application and screening process. Also, please note that the scholarship availability varies from time to time. Please see the Hitotsubashi University website.
  • Financial aid for Japanese nationals who are not sponsored by their employers. Please see the Hitotsubashi University website. These financial aid programs start each April.
  • The Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefit
    Students with more than two years experience working in Japan and who are self-financing their MBA may apply at their nearest HelloWork office for the Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefit. Applications should be made at least one month before the MBA program begins. Please inquire directly with HelloWork.
  • Matriculation Fee Waiver / Tuition Fee Waiver
    Students with financial difficulty who meet the below eligibility can apply to Matriculation/Tuition Fee Waiver after enrollment.
    The system of matriculation fee / tuition fee waiver excuses students from the liability of paying all or half of the total matriculation fee / tuition fee.

    Matriculation Fee Waiver

    1. Student experiencing difficulty paying matriculation fees due to financial difficulties and are deemed eligible because of excellent academic performance.
    2. The person(s) responsible for paying part or all of the cost of their school fees passed away within a one-year period before the date of enrollment.
    3. Student or the person(s) responsible for paying part or all of the cost of their school fees have been impacted by a natural disaster within a one-year period before the date of enrollment

    Tuition Fee Waiver

    1. Student experiencing difficulty paying tuition fees because of financial difficulties and those deemed eligible because of excellent academic performance.
    2. Student who experience difficulties in paying tuition fees because of the death of the person(s) responsible for paying part or all of the cost of their school fees and students who are affected, or person(s) who are responsible for paying part or all of an applicant’s school fees are affected by a natural disaster within a six-month period before the due date for the payment of tuition fees in a particular semester (or when the exemption sought for the first semester at the university, within one year before entering the university).
    3. Student assessed as belonging to category 2 by the president of the university

Accommodation and Living expenses


Students at Hitotsubashi ICS have various housing options: Private rental; Hitotsubashi University dormitories; and the Tokyo International Exchange Center Dorms (TIEC).

  • Private renting
    From JPY 60,000/month for a single room
  • Hitotsubashi Dormitories
    JPY 50,000-60,000/month for a single room
  • Tokyo International Exchange Center Dorms (TIEC)

    Single Room:
    International Students: from JPY 35,000/month
    Japanese Students: from JPY 56,000/month

    Family Room:
    International Students: from JPY 74,500/month
    Japanese Students: from JPY 101,000/month

Living cost

The average monthly costs are as follows:

  • Food 38,410 yen (USD 274)
  • Water/ gas/ electricity 11,383 yen (USD 81)
  • Mobile / Internet 7,153 yen (USD 51)
  • Clothing 4,606 yen (USD 32)

*$1=140 yen (as of November 14, 2022)
*Source| Statistic Bureau of Japan (2021)

Estimated total expenses

One - year program

Estimated Figures Japanese Yen
Matriculation Fee 282,000
Tuition 642,960
Books & supplies 230,000
Housing and living costs 2,000,000
Transportation 100,000
Health Insurance 50,000
Total JPY 3,304,960
(USD 23,607)

Two - year program

Estimated Figures Japanese Yen
Matriculation Fee 282,000
Tuition 1,285,920
Books & supplies 230,000
Housing and living costs 4,000,000
Transportation 200,000
Health Insurance 100,000
Total JPY 6,097,920
(USD 43,557)

*If you stay in Japan for second year activities