The Hitotsubashi ICS Executive Education

一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション, Excecutive Education Program Director Emi Osono
Emi Osono, Executive Education Program Director, Dean
  • Participant-centered learning tailored to each organization
  • Fully customized program with action based learning, group discussion and coaching sessions
  • Hitotsubashi ICS Executive Education programs are designed and taught by our world-class experienced ICS faculty

Hitotsubashi ICS has longstanding, deep expertise in highly effective, innovative professional education for Global leadership, Management development and Cross-cultural training for Japanese and international corporations. We are recognized in Japan and across the region for the premium quality and personally interactive nature of these programs.

As Japan and its labor market globalize more and more, companies in our region and from around the world are seeking to prepare their employees for developmental change. Hitotsubashi ICS is a leader in cultivating such readiness in managers and executives wishing to position their companies for growth, agility, and resilience.

  • 一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション Excecutive Education Customized Programs for Organizations
Customized Programs
for Organizations

Programs for Organizations

Hitotsubashi ICS offers fully customized Executive Education programs for leading global organizations. We partner with the organization to design the program content, schedule and other program features according to the business goals and human resource development objectives.

We work closely together with the organizations to deliver measurable results of our Executive Education program, that can be as compact as 5 days and as long as a few years.
Many organizations choose our program that features feedback sessions as well as individual or group coaching sessions with our faculty and industry experts to maximize the benefits of the program.


  • Example Courses offered in Corporate and Rising Executive Training: Mini-MBA courses, Marketing and Strategy, Global Leadership and Innovation, Digital Transformation, Cross-cultural training, etc.
  • Action based learning and group work using company-specific cases to generate new ideas combining theory, experience and cooperation
  • Sessions provided in English and / or Japanese language
  • Locations are held globally, where organizations reside (head office / overseas branches or both), or ICS Tokyo campus
  • Certificate issued upon request

Program Examples

Goal Region, Participants Language Duration Content
Company A Group Company Merger Domestic, Middle Management Japanese weekends x 6 months Industry trend and measures, Mini MBA cources (Corporate finance, M&A etc), CEO challenge, Innovation, Digital transformation etc
Company B Enhance Management Skiils Domestic, Senior Managers Japanese 5 days Corporate finance, Cross-boarder M&A, Negotiation skills, Compeition strategy, Marketing, Global leadership
Company C Public Speaking Domestic, Executive Management (1:1) Japanese 4 hours Speeches and presentations in English, Effective public speaking
Company D New Leader Training Global, Rising Senior Managers English 5 days x 3 modules CEO challenge, Digital transformation, Global HR management, Leadership, Innovation etc
Company E Establish Global Standard Global, Middle to Senior Leaders English 5 days + 7 days Management strategy, Head / Overseas office visits, Groupwork
Company F Strengthen Global Competition Global, Junior English 5 days Finance, Programming, Group work, Presentation, Corporate culture


  • Industry
  • Language
  • 一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション Hitotsubashi ICS Excecutive Education Programs for Business Schools
Customized Programs
for Business Schools

Global Immersion

Hitotsubashi ICS provides customized programs for top business schools worldwide, in aim to enhance understanding of business innovation and technology in Japan, through sessions, company visits and discussions provided by Hitotsubashi ICS faculty. Participants compare situations in his / her own country and globally, to envision how they can make impact in future businesses. Participating MBA schools include;

  • Berlin School of Creative Leadership
  • BEST Alliance (government sponsored alliance between Peking University, Seoul National University and Hitotsubashi ICS)
    Click here for more details
  • Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)
  • Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)
    Click here to see GNAM partner schools
  • Seoul National University (SNU)
  • Sungkyunkwan University (SKK)
一橋ICS 一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション, Excecutive Education Immersion Program
  • 一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション Excecutive Education Knowledge Dissemination Programs Forums
Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge Dissemination Forums are exclusive programs with fixed corporate memberships. Participants not only learn from experts but from each other, developing a strong cohort throughout the program. Each participant gains practical learning that is applicable to his / her company. Program length and style vary from a one-month or a year program. Some programs have continued over a decade with different participants nominated by the firm.

Forum examples:

  • Digital Transformation Forum: Representatives from each organization learn and discuss current global digital situations, network beyond industry to create new synergies and lead future business environment in Japan. Co-created by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Hitotsubashi ICS.
  • Leading for Sustainability Forum: Send your rising leaders on a learning journey through the vast sustainability-scape. Guided by Hitotsubashi ICS faculty and field experts, your next-gen leadership team will develop and present a project to move the sustainability flag forward for your company.
  • 一橋ICS 一橋ICSエグゼクティブエデュケーション,  Excecutive Education Programs Open Enrollment Courses
Open Enrollment Programs

Programs for Individuals

Hitotsubashi ICS collaborates with the Nikkei Business School to provide MBA essentials to business professionals in various stages in their career.

Program examples:

  • Business Analytics
  • Innovation as Knowledge Creation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Multinational Teams and Diversity
  • Building Organizational Capability for Long-Term Success
  • Brand Management