Professor Kaz Ichijo

Achieving the ‘Best of Two Worlds’ by acting as a bridge linking Japan to Asia and the globe, and as an international center of excellence for the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge.

From the heart of Tokyo, amid inviting urban multiplexes, sparkling corporate HQs, innumerable dining experiences and, just blocks away, Japan’s Imperial Palace - I send my warmest welcome to Hitotsubashi ICS.

We are a fairly young star in the world’s constellation of global business schools, and intentionally, we keep our entering classes comparatively small. Yet since its inception in 2000, Hitotsubashi ICS has made its mark on the world by developing perceptive, agile, and savvy knowledge creators who run the flag of inspired business forward. And now, as of April 1, 2018, we are the global face of the brand new Hitotsubashi University Business School (HUB), which houses Hitotsubashi University’s graduate business programs in Japanese, along with the global, English-only programs offered by Hitotsubashi ICS.

At Hitotsubashi ICS, all that we do is guided by our mission, vision, and core values.
Learn how these create a premium learning experience

As a student at Hitotsubashi ICS, you’ll build close relationships, inside the classroom and out. With a student-faculty ratio at a maximum of 3:1, we the faculty will work with you closely and introduce you to corporate leaders and innovators. We’ll develop your unique competencies along with your personal philosophy and vision for the future, combining core courses in business skills with our very own Signature Courses. These cultivate your readiness to relate authentically with others in diverse work environments - through peer coaching, accurately perceiving context, and understanding what drives people to excel.

Simply put: We’ll prepare you for global business leadership.

I invite you to explore the Hitotsubashi ICS difference, in these pages, through a visit to an Open Campus event where you can experience our classroom, and of course, as a student aspiring to a stellar global career.

Dean of Hitotsubashi ICS Ichijo Kazuo 一橋ICS専攻長・教授 一條和生
Professor Kaz Ichijo
Dean, Hitotsubashi ICS

How the Hitotsubashi ICS MBA helped me develop as a business professional

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