Mission, Vision and Core Values


Mission, Vision and Core Values of Hitotsubashi ICS 一橋ICSのミッション、ビジョン、コアバリュー
Our students, faculty, and staff demonstrate the soul and spirit of Hitotsubashi ICS through dedicated service to our mission, inspired action towards our vision, and everyday practice of our core values and principles.

MISSION | why we do what we do

“Achieving the ‘Best of Two Worlds’ by acting as a bridge linking Japan to Asia and the globe, and as an international center of excellence for the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge”

In formulating its mission, Hitotsubashi ICS was inspired by the name of its parent institution, Hitotsubashi University, the Japanese words “hitotsu” and “bashi” meaning “one” and “bridge”.

VISION | what we strive to be

“to be one of the most prominent business schools in the world developing global-minded leaders who are expert on Japan, immersed in Asia, and prepared to make significant and positive impact”

CORE VALUES AND PRINCIPLES | the ideals we strive to uphold

EXCELLENCEWe strive for excellence in everything we do in the classroom, in research, in administration, and in other activities.
INTEGRITY We believe that living according to a moral code builds respect and trust.
IMAGINATIONWe should not be confined inside a box created by others, but should instead use our imagination to develop new, innovative ideas and products and new ways of solving problems.
INCLUSIVENESSWe should strive to find accommodation with individuals of different nationality, color, and religion; to break down barriers of gender stereotypes, to close gaps between students and faculty/staff; and to always think inclusion rather than exclusion.
CITIZENSHIP We are global citizens with genuine respect for our fellow citizens and genuine concern for the environment.

The Hitotsubashi ICS Honor Code supports the practice of these values and principles.

“As a globally-minded institution with international students and faculty, ICS pays special attention to and values diversity, and strives to provide an inclusive learning environment where each individual can engage fully in all activities. ICS refrains from applying stereotypes and prejudices based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and physical attributes.”

- Excerpt from the Hitotsubashi ICS Academic Policy