Global Thought Leadership

The Hitotsubashi ICS faculty is comprised of a unique combination of academic scholars and practitioners who are well recognized for their research and industry stewardship. Together we aim to create global thought leaders who make an impact.

Our mission is to be the bridge between (1) academia and industry, and (2) Japan and the world. Our strategic focus is to raise our international reputation in academia to match our strong reputation among industry and political leaders in Japan. To this end, we are building an active intellectual environment which encourages researchers and practitioners to share innovative knowledge, and allows for the accumulation of knowledge about the best forms of innovation and globalization found within the Japanese market and business community.

In order to improve research performance, our faculty is proactively working on academic research projects targeting high–impact peer reviewed journals with global readership, and disseminating knowledge by attending and presenting at well-recognized academic conferences, and publishing books which influence the business world to gain international recognition for their academic research.

To further strengthen our partnerships with companies and other universities, we are actively inviting guest speakers from companies and universities, and promoting various joint research projects in mutual cooperation.