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Hitotusbashi ICS alumni, a true global network

Students from our first few graduating classes founded the Hitotsubashi ICS Alumni Association (ICSAA), an independent entity coordinating and representing the members of the ICS alumni community. ICSAA is open to all graduates of Hitotsubashi ICS.

Now, for the 1000+ Hitotsubashi ICS alumni all around the world, ICSAA develops the tight-knit bonds built in our classroom into a network of mentorship, friendship, and opportunity. Even as this number grows, our small cohort size fosters strong ties and enduring networks.

The globally diverse nature of our community helps us stay in touch with our graduates in countries and industries across the globe. ICSAA’s main team in Tokyo, but has local affiliate chapters in London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, and many more.

  • We engage our alumni in recruiting and career development events such as job fairs, guest panel discussions, informational interviews, and more.
  • The popular ICS Alumni Day brings alumni and their families together in Tokyo. Current students, faculty and staff, and their families join in too.
  • We also offer our graduates virtual gatherings, life-long alumni email addresses, and social media connections.

Hitotsubashi ICS Connect

一橋ICS卒業生 HitotsubashiICS Alumni, strong tight network

Hitotsubashi-ICS-connect is an online platform that allows our alumni to reconnect with each other, mentor fellow alumni and current students, post and search for jobs, events, and share professional insights. Come and join our alumni community, register today!

Josui Kai: The Hitotsubashi University Alumni Association

In Japan, Hitotsubashi University is a powerful brand. With a 135-year heritage and specialization in business and commerce, it is recognized as a top-tier institution educating the Japanese business elite.

Graduates of Hitotsubashi ICS may join Josui Kai, which traces its history back to 1889. Today, it boasts of a membership of some 33,000+, including many of Japan’s most influential business leaders.

Being a member of Josui Kai has excellent benefits, such as
• Access to networking events, conferences, and seminars at no cost or a nominal member rate
• Access to the directory list of all Hitotsubashi University graduates
• Access to exclusive facilities at the Josui Kaikan, the Hitotsubashi University alumni building - located right next to Hitotsubashi ICS! - including dining at discounted rates at its restaurants.