Satoshi Akutsu
DBA Program Director

We prepare a thought leader in global business by formalizing and specializing your knowledge of management theories.

  • 100% English
  • Individual endeavor in a supportive learning community
  • Supervised by experienced and committed faculty
  • Comprehensive course offering on different research methods
  • Intimate and frequent interaction with global leading scholars
  • Research and teaching assistant opportunities

DBA or PhD: What’s the difference?

While PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) programs generally prepare students only for academic careers even in the field of business administration, DBA programs consider a little broader career paths including consulting and management. ICS offers a DBA degree that provides the theoretical and scientific foundation required for an academic career, while assigning a similar level of importance to business-related problem-solving and practical implications.

The DBA faculty, trained at many of the world’s top institutions, bring a wide range of deep expertise to the program through teaching and advising.

AKUTSU, Satoshi (Toshi)Professor
DBA Program Director, Thought Leadership Director
LEE, JinjuAssistant Professor
DBA Program Associate Director, Thought Leadership Assistant Director
OKADA, EricaProfessor
Thought Leadership Associate Director
FUJITANI, RyosukeAssistant Professor
HATTORI, Masazumi (Masa)Professor
FIC Finance, FIC Career Services Office
ONO, HiroshiProfessor
SUN, KangyongAssociate Professor
FIC Admissions & YLP, Bai Xian Scholarship
SUZUKI, SatokoProfessor
MBA Program Director

Is a DBA right for you?

Each year, the DBA program accepts a small but diverse group of both full-time and part-time students who reflect a diversity of professional backgrounds:

  • Full-time students typically come straight from a related master’s program (business administration, management science, psychology, economics, sociology, neuroscience, and others).
  • Part-time students normally include (1) business practitioners who currently teach at business schools and wish to earn a doctoral degree; most continue to work as they pursue their DBAs, and (2) business practitioners planning to move into academia.
  • We also welcome business executives who are strongly motivated to contribute to the business community through means such as writing, lecturing, and consulting.

Individual endeavor in a supportive learning community

The DBA program is a tutorial program that revolves around guidance in writing the DBA thesis. ICS offers a supportive learning environment with formal coursework and interaction with other DBA students and faculty, while the student engages in his or her own individual research initiatives.