Faculty Member with Seminar
Assistant Professor


Accounting 1 (MBA), Accounting 2 (MBA)
  • rfujitani@ics.hub.hit-u.ac.jp

Ryosuke Fujitani received his BBA from Hosei University in Tokyo, and MA and PhD in Commerce and Management from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

His research domain is corporate disclosure, corporate governance, and corporate finance. He is currently working on the research topics, including a) the effect of disclosure regulation on corporate investment decisions; b) economic consequences of macroeconomic uncertainty; and c) financial reporting speed.
His publication includes “Domestic and international effects of economic policy uncertainty on corporate investment and strategic cash holdings: Evidence from Japan” (with Masazumi Hattori & Yukihiro Yasuda in Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 2023), “Refinance and labor adjustment in Japan” (with Hyonon Kim in Gendai Finance, 2022 in Japanese), “The bright side of frequent financial reporting” (in Japan Journal of Finance, 2020 in Japanese); “Does Stock Market Listing Impact Investment in Japan?” (with Joseph French and Yukihiro Yasuda in Journal of The Japanese and International Economies, 2021); and “Under pressure: listing status and disinvestment in Japan” (with Joseph French and Yukihiro Yasuda in Finance Research Letters, 2020).