INABA, Kei-Ichiro
INABA, Kei-Ichiro
Specially Appointed Professor


Japanese Business Practicum (MBA)

Kei-Ichiro Inaba joined the Bank of Japan in 1998. Since then, his work has involved (i) economic and financial analyses, (ii) relationship management with major financial institutions and Shosha, as well as (iii) international affairs, at the BOJ, Japan’s Financial Services Agency, OECD, and Japan Center for Economic Research (Nikkei Group).

Professor Inaba obtained a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Tokyo and a Ph. D. from the University of London.

He has come up with many practical essays and academic papers, the latter of which are listed below and here.

[Latest working papers]

  • A First Foray into the Phenomenon of Equity Crowdfunding in Japan: What Do Private Fundraising Records Tell? SSRN Electronic Journal. 2023. [Joint authorship: JA]
  • A Global Look into Corporate Cash Valued in Stock Indices over the Recent Decade. SSRN Electronic Journal. 2023. [Single authorship: SA]
  • ESG Management and Credit Risk Premia: Evidence from Credit Default Swaps for Japan’s Major Companies. JCER Discussion Paper No. 154, 2022. [JA]

[Recent publications in peer-reviewed journals]

  • "Japan’s Unemployment Rate Hike amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – Why Was It So Mild?" Applied Economics Letters Vol. 30(8): 1001-1009, 2023. [JA]
  • “Cross-Border Portfolio Investment Inflows to Emerging Countries: Enhanced Dominance of Local Factors amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Review of Development Finance Vol. 12(2): 18-26, 2022. [JA]
  • "Corporate Cash and Governance: A Global Look into Publicly-Traded Companies’ Aggregate Cash Ratios," International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 78, 2021. [SA]
  • "An Empirical Illustration of the Integration of Sovereign Bond Markets," Journal of Multinational Financial Management Vol. 61, 2021. [SA]
  • "Inbound Portfolio Bond Investments and Domestic Monetary Policy Effect in Emerging Countries," Applied Economics Letters Vol. 28(7): 535-540, 2021. [SA]
  • "Japan’s Impactful Augmentation of Quantitative Easing Sovereign-Bond Purchases," North American Journal of Economics and Finance Vol. 54, 2020. [SA]
  • "A Global Look into Stock Market Comovements," Review of World Economics Vol. 156(3): 517-555, 2020. [SA]
  • "Information-Driven Stock Return Comovements across Countries," Research in International Business and Finance Vol. 51, 2020. [SA]
  • "The Behaviour of Bidders in Quantitative Easing Auctions of Sovereign Bonds in Japan: Determinants of the Popularity of the 9 to 10 Year Maturity Segment," Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance Vol. 72: 206-214, 2019. [SA]
  • "Liquidity and Pricing of Credit Default Swaps in Japan: Evidence from a Benchmark Index for Corporate Debt Claims," Journal of Financial Services Research Vol. 54(1): 111-143, 2018. [SA]
  • "Beneath the Finance-Growth Nexus: The Case of Japan’s Post World War II Commercial Banking," Journal of Comparative Asian Development Vol. 15(1): 19-69, 2016. [SA]