For Recruiters

As a recruiter, what should you know about Hitotsubashi ICS MBA graduates?

Hitotsubashi ICS MBA graduates can be instrumental in helping to build your firm’s competitive advantage in the global economy. We are confident making this bold claim, because we know that in designing our rigorous program and curriculum, the entire Hitotsubashi ICS team have paid particular attention to develop the character, skills, and expertise that global business needs.

During their term of study with us, our students are asked to learn effectively and efficiently, to acquire, synthesize and internalize knowledge quickly and accurately, and to strive for excellence in all endeavors. Alongside core analytical skills, our graduates develop :

  • A global mindset
  • Deep cultural awareness and understanding
  • Refined language skills for global business settings
  • Multidisciplinary, real-world insights

More and more, Japanese corporations are seeking globally savvy talent to support and enhance their firms’ global expansion and to build more diverse human resources and organizations. As we state in our organizational mission, vision, and core values, Hitotsubashi ICS strives to produce the nature and quality of talent that can contribute to these efforts.

How does Hitotsubashi ICS Career Services help recruiters?

Our Career Services Office (CSO) offers recruiters a range of opportunities via which to connect with students and build their firm’s brand on our campus:

Company Information SessionsFrom formal presentations to casual coffee table sessions, you choose the format in which to meet and interact with our students.
Hitotsubashi ICS Resume BookThis comprehensive collection of student profiles allows companies to view the talent pool offered by our MBA program, and to contact job-seekers directly if desired.
Customize your talent searchCSO will help you identify qualified students who are interested in pursuing a career with your company, and gather resumes from these students for you. We also organize the logistics of on-campus interviews.
Job postingsWe’ll post your job announcements at no cost on our intranet for our students and alumni community.
InternshipsICS students are very eager to do internships during their second year of study. For companies, internships are a great way to assess “fit” for students as candidates for full-time employment. CSO supports both students and recruiters through the process of internship hiring.
For more details on our services for recruiters, please contact Hitotsubashi ICS CSO at