Past theses

Completion Year Name Title
2023 Chad Stewart Managerial coaching competence: Development and validation of a scale and association with subordinate empowerment
2023 Noriko Sato Exploring the relationship between the training of coaches and coach efficacy among undergraduate students
2022 Nana Otsuki Impact of salience on investor expectations: Evidence from a stock price forecasting website using laboratory experiment
2022 Tomonari Komiyama Structural ambidexterity and coopetition capability for industry incubation: Mission-led grand challenges in Japanese hydrogen station industry
2022 Tomohiro Kashiwakura Integrating developmental elements to career progress
2022 Tadahiro Wakasugi Is a compassionate employee a committed employee? Investigation of the impact of compassion on organizational commitment
2022 Yuko Numata-Denscombe Moderated mediation effect of job embeddedness on citizenship fatigue through organizational citizenship behavior
2021 Munehiro Otomo Comparative COO and CRA brand effects in Japan and the U.S.: Cultural difference in analytic vs. holistic thinking
2021 Tsunehide Imasaki How the amoeba management system achieves organizational ambidexterity: The case of Kyocera
2020 Ryukichi Miyabayashi The impact of national culture on organisational identity and global management: A comparative analysis of mission statements by country
2020 Asuka Takaoka A mixed methods analysis of root causes of corporate frauds in Japan: Board composition and internal power factors
2019 Yosh Ishikawa Choice between abstract hedonic and concrete utilitarian goods
2018 Daiki Tanaka How can talent development be accelerated?: Development of competencies through challenging experiences in the job
2018 Aki Katsumura The influence of work satisfaction and interdependent self-construal on spontaneous cooperative behavior
2017 David Ferguson ”Behind the table” in negotiation: Behaviors and functions of effective external leaders
2015 Jusuke Ikegami Headquarters-subsidiary perception gaps regarding subsidiary roles: The impact on subsidiary performance and expatriates’ moderation role
2014 Hitoshi Tsuboi The role of outside directors in improving Japanese corporate governance
2013 Mistumasu Akira Control and coordination of functional subsidiaries in Japanese corporate groups
2012 Ko Unoki Global empires and M&A
2011 David Nathan Levenson The seven critical success factors for American companies in Japan
2011 Satoko Suzuki Diffusion of self-gift consumer behavior in interdependent cultures: The case of self-reward consumption practice in Japan
2011 Giles Adam Kassab What’s your story! Organization as a good movie well made
2011 Ayano Hirose A knowledge-creating city: The case of Mitaka city
2011 Osamu Tsukada Challenge of cross-border mobilization of “sticky knowledge”: The Toyota Way
2010 Timothy James Clark Cultural coloring exploring how national origin affects the international portability of business models
2010 John Kyle Dorton The ‘Moon Shots’ of 21st century talent comparative corporate training and leadership development at General Electric and Toyota
2008 Hideki Kawada OK Baji as an exemplar of phronetic leadership
2006 Mamoru Gary Okamoto Development and application of profitability indices