Diploma policy

To complete a DBA thesis project, students are expected to:

a. Present their DBA thesis proposal at Advanced Research Positioning
b. Secure approval from the DBA thesis committee
c. Successfully defend their thesis at the oral examination (DBA thesis defense)

DBA thesis requirement

The DBA coursework is designed to provide DBA candidates with a thorough and comprehensive training in methods of social research. The DBA thesis is the culmination of the DBA program in which candidates demonstrate their grasp of the subject matter and their ability to conduct independent research that contribute to expand the knowledge frontiers of human society.

Preparation for the DBA thesis begins with the thesis proposal. The student must first prepare a DBA thesis proposal, and defend the proposal in an oral examination in front of the DBA thesis committee. Successful defense of the proposal signifies that the thesis project is feasible and that it makes a contribution to research.

Candidates who have passed the proposal defense will continue on to conduct their DBA thesis research. Candidates will advance to the DBA thesis defense when the committee determines that they are sufficiently prepared. The successful completion and defense of the DBA thesis signifies that candidates have acquired the necessary skills to express their research work clearly in both written and oral languages.