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"How COVID-19 Has Transformed Japan's Culture of (Over-)Work" Presented at Department of sociology colloquium, Texas A&M University, September 2021.

著 者: Hiroshi Ono
発表年: 2021年

"Taxonomies of Digital Vulnerability and COVID-19 Exposure Risk Profiles" Presented at Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference, University of Liverpool (online event), September 2021.

著 者: Jeremy Schulz, Hiroshi Ono, Matias Dodel, Gejun Huang
発表年: 2021年

Humans and machines in the emergence of service ecosystem: Addressing false dichotomy by embracing paradox. The 2021 Naples Forum on Service (The 7th Naples Forum Service). Capri, Italy 6-9 September 2021

著 者: Fujikawa Y., Sishiyama K., Oue S., Suzuki S.
発表年: 2021年

Cybershaming: Theorizing organizational shame in the digital age. 37th EGOS Colloquium 2021, Amsterdam (Virtual Conference) July 8-10, 2021

著 者: Ramesh Krishnan, Jinju Lee
発表年: 2021年

Board Composition and Corporate Fraud: Refining the Insider-Outsider Model. Presented at Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (online event), 33rd annual meeting, 2021.

著 者: Asuka Takaoka, Hiroshi Ono
発表年: 2021年

The Impact of Gender Role Orientations on Subjective Career Success: A Multilevel Study of 36 Societies. AIB 2021 Onlince Conference June 25 - July 1,2021

著 者: Tong., J.L.Y.T., Suzuki, S. ,et al.
発表年: 2021年

Independence-interdependence as a moderator of team diversity and new product creativity. IPDMC 2021 June 6-8, 2021 Online

著 者: Suzuki, S. Takemura, K.
発表年: 2021年

Covid-19 and telework: An international comparison. 日本経済学会春季大会 2021年5月

著 者: Hiroshi Ono, Takeshi Mori
発表年: 2021年

Toward dynamic process model of digital transformation. Japan marketing Academy, spring Research Project Festival, March 13, 2021

著 者: Fujikawa, Y., Imai, No., Kondo, K., Horiuchi, K. and Okawa, H.
発表年: 2021年