Creating Knowledge for Future

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to present the theory of Knowledge Creation and its application to drive innovation. As we move forward in the twenty-first century in the so-called knowledge society, “knowledge creation” is becoming increasingly important for the success and the sustainability of firms, NPO/NGOs, and governments. Recently, knowledge creation is drawing a stronger attention because of the current third wave of AI. Human knowledge creation is playing a crucial role in utilizing AI, that is, cognitive computing. Creating knowledge for the future is the best way to overcome the digital disruption.

Knowledge is not stable, fixed, or given; it is dynamic, changing, and created by human beings. Starting with the definition of knowledge as such and the philosophy behind thetheory, students will learn the important concepts and models of the theory.

Course Structure

In each session of this course, the key topics in the knowledge creation theory and its application will be studied. In the sessions, many knowledge creating companies are introduced.
Various teaching methods are used in the course such as case studies and buzz group discussions.

Students are encouraged to read the required readings/cases and prepare for the classes with their answers for the assignment questions (details will be provided through the classware for each class). During the classes, students are encouraged to raise questions, make comments, and share their experiences whenever relevant.