Realizing Customer Value

Course Overview

This course approaches marketing from a general management perspective, and views it as a process of creating value with various stakeholders. The course consists of the following two modules: “Module 1: Marketing – In Principle” and “Marketing – On the Edge”.

Course Structure

In “MODULE 1. MARKETING - IN PRINCIPLE,” we focus on learning fundamental principles of marketing by defining value from customer's standpoint and introducing a few, overarching concepts and frameworks of the course, such as product marketing (STP: Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning, 4Cs of marketing strategy, and 4Ps of marketing tactics).

In “MODULE 2. MARKETING - ON THE EDGE,” we expose ourselves to changing landscapes of marketing in terms of embracing digital technology (e.g. viral marketing, social media, and multi-channel/online-to-offline consumption), managing value co-creation in ecosystem (e.g. service dominant logic, multisided platform), and social marketing approach at the bottom of the pyramid (by non-profit organization, via non-profit and for-profit partnership, or as for-profit corporate initiative).