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Incentives to Issue Low-Quality Securitized Products in the OTD Business Model. IMES Discussion Paper Series Discussion Paper No. 2009-E-26

Author: Hattori, M., Ōhashi, K., Nihon Ginkō.
Year: 2009

A Financial System Perspective on Japan’s Experience in the Late 1980s. IMES Discussion paper Series Discussion Paper No. 2009-E-19

Author: Hattori, M., Shin, H. S., Takahashi, W., Nihon Ginkō.
Year: 2009

Restructuring in a Recession. ACCJ Journal June 2009

Author: Robinson, P.
Year: 2009

Tacit Knowledge and Knowledge Conversion: Controversy and Advancement in Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory. Organization Science May-June 2009 Vol. 20, No. 3

Author: Nonaka I., von Krogh, G.
Year: 2009

Yen Carry Trade and the Subprime Crisis. IMF staff papers 2009 Vol56 No.2 pp.384-409

Author: Hattori, M., Shin, H. S., Springer Link
Year: 2009