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Recent changes in global credit intermediation and potential risks. BIS Quarterly Review September 2014 pp.17-18

Author: Gruic, B., Hattori, M., Shin, H.S.
Year: 2014

“Anti-Immigrant Sentiments and Immigrant Concentration at Work in Contemporary Japan.” In Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class, and Gender. Edited by Shirley Jackson. (2014) Milton Park: Routledge. pp.61-72.

Author: Ono, H., Ono H.
Year: 2014

Wisdom, management and organization. Management Learning Vol.45 No.4 pp.365-376

Year: 2014

Scenario planning: The basics. World Futures, 2014 Vol.70 No.1 pp. 28-43

Author: Konno, N., Nonaka, I., Ogilvy, J.
Year: 2014

Factors influencing a More Active Security Role for Japan in Asia. Mejiro University Humanities Journal, 2014 Vol.10 pp.111-120

Author: Wallace, C.
Year: 2014